What do you mean we're just friends.

by Mane Horse

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Mane Horse's first Ep


released November 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Mane Horse Fresno, California

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Track Name: Boss Fight
When all your friends they got you broke And both your lungs are filled with Smoke. Everything is so much better living your life and never thinking twice .Why lie? Let's forget statistics And learn the facts. These mistakes are mine to make And this heart is mine to brake And i will learn from my mistakes some day.
Track Name: Pencils Down
Congratulations! You've finally reached your star, just like i always knew you would, just like I always knew you could. Look how far you've gone. Were gonna get it started, we'll light this city by ourselves, were gonna get it started, and we don't need no bodies help. Sing along to your favorite songs. Out at night cause I can't sleep. It's the young life. Right there you knew you could make it. Its the Young life.
Track Name: Night without stars
Why talk the talk when your best off singing? Walk the walk when I'm always dreaming? And you don't need a reason to crack open my head. And you don't need a reason to get inside my mind. Now I promise that this moment right here stays clear. Don't worry about the past or future. It's the present moment which is all we have. Celebrate! We used to gather all the time, and go to town on the bad guys. Do tell I'm listening now I'm proud so proud so very proud. Been there done that, but I never know who's talking to me. Pull up a chair, and have yourself a seat.
Track Name: No man left behind
Running through yellows all day rather hit the reds than say, I'm killing myself Over a girl who wouldn't go to my funeral. Stop ridding my bike to your house, we fell apart and you stop caring how I Felt. How would you know what true love is when you look for it in the back seat? And there's no doubt in my mind that you won't be alone tonight. What should it matter what does it matter who I am or what i've done you never gave a shit? You don't deserve those scars. I just wanted to save you. I'm all you wanted, I'm all you needed but you were to obsessed with chasing other flesh. And I can try and be the best like the cigarettes that fill your chest, and all the boys you don't regret, I won't forget. How would you know what true love is when you look for it in the back seat! You won't be alone tonight
Track Name: Kickin' Bricks
Hits like A ton of bricks the first time. Everything stops just for the moment. Try to get on with the rest of the day. Cause that's how you would have wanted it. you gotta move one. are you going to be ok? we dont know but we dont care. Now that your gone, I guess I'm finally freaking out. Face the facts it hurts and I can hardly breath no I can't tell cause your so far away. I would dig this town up just to say goodbye, one last time. I'm living my life. My life.

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